Create a User Account in the Visual Matrix Customer Portal

Create a User Account in the Visual Matrix Customer Portal

Creating a user account in the support portal will let you open, update, and follow the status of every ticket open all from one place, as well as get in contact with other VM users from the Community portal.

Create a new user account

Go to
Go to Sign Up and enter your name and your email.
Open your email and Accept the Invitation.
Create your password. If you need help, you can use a password generator.

The Support system recognizes a user by its email. Once a ticket is open, a property ID is linked to the user. This email is the one that will be used in all correspondence with the Support team. If you have multiple properties, you can have all the tickets you open for all properties in one place.

Access your Profile information

By clicking on your initials at the top right, you can view your profile and update or add any contact information like your email or your phone number.

Create a new ticket

Click on Add Ticket.
While creating the subject of your ticket, related articles will automatically show on the right side. You may find your answer there.
If you still need to create a ticket, a ticket number will show and an email will confirm its creation.

Follow the status of a ticket and interact with it

Go to My Area.
In the Status line, you will see the number of tickets that are Open and Closed. A ticket On Hold will be counted in the Open ones.
Any ticket On Hold will show you the specific status of that ticket. In the example below, the user can see that the ticket has been escalated to our Dev Team.

Getting an update on a ticket is as easy as clicking on Reply or Comment:
Even if your ticket is Closed, sending a Reply will reopen the ticket and will trigger an answer/update from a Support Agent.

Note that Visual Matrix Support follows a priority level guideline.