Advance Deposits Report (Cloud) 🎥

Advance Deposits Report (Cloud) 🎥

The Advance Deposits report provides a list of reservations that have pre-paid or deposited funds as part of their booking. This report helps hotels keep track of reservations with advance payments, making it easier to manage finances and ensure that deposits are properly accounted for.
Path: Front Office > Supervisor > Reports > Advance/Delinquent Deposits.

Generate report

1. Choose "Advance Deposits" from the "Reports" dropdown.

2. Narrow down the report using the optional available filters (from left to right):
- by arrival date. The default range starts on the current audit date and ends 2 years later.
- by the reservation made date. The default range starts one year before the current audit date up to the current on the current audit date and ends 2 years later.
- by group, all included, or for a specific one.
- by including prepaid deposits from CRS (online) reservations.

3. Click Refresh.

Detailed report

- Guest name.
- Guest arrival date.
- Group name if the reservation is part of one.

- Amount of the deposit posted.
- Advance deposit method of payment.
- Reservation confirmation number or CRS number for online reservations.

- Total advance deposits. This total should match the Advance Deposit Ledger closing balance right after the audit.

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