Rate Override Report (Cloud) 🎥

Rate Override Report (Cloud) 🎥

The Rate Override report displays all instances of rate overrides, along with the staff members responsible for these overrides.
Path: Front Office > Supervisor > Reports > Rate Override.

Generate report

1. Narrow down the report using the optional available filters (from left to right):
- by arrival date or arrival range.
- by made time - when the reservation was created.
- by the status of the reservation: canceled, guaranteed, on hold, or walk-in.
- by the name of the operator/user/agent who made the booking.

2. Click Refresh.

Detailed report

- Guest Name.
- Status of the reservation.
- Arrival date.
- Number of nights.

- If a Company is on the reservation.
- Creation date of the reservation.
- Room type of the reservation.

- Base or tier applicable rate.
- Discount code if any applied.
- Override rate.
- Package code if any applied.

- If the reservation is part of a group, the group ID will be displayed here.
- User ID of the agent who created the booking. (Admin means that the reservation was made online and came through the Channel Manager)
- VM Confirmation number or CRS number for online reservations (Best Western only).

The Operator Summary displays the total of reservations created by the user and for all users:
- by reservation status: new, canceled, or walk-ins.
- by number of nights totals.
- by the amount of overrides applied.
- by the number of overrides applied.
- by total revenue booked.

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