Room Assignment Report (Cloud) 🎥

Room Assignment Report (Cloud) 🎥

The Room Assignment Report is a document provided to each housekeeper on duty for the day, detailing the list of rooms they are responsible for cleaning. The report may span multiple pages, with each page corresponding to a different housekeeper's assignments.
Path1: Housekeeping > Room Assign > Assignment report.
Path2: Housekeeping > Reports > Room Assignment.

Generate report

1. Narrow down the report using the optional available filters (from left to right):
- by choosing to print the report for a specific housekeeper or for All.
- by choosing which date to print the report for. It can be printed for a previous day to see which room was assigned to which housekeeper.
- by showing (or not) the arrival and departure dates of the last guest who stayed in this room. If every room is not cleaned every day, this can help you determine which room was the last used and which room to clean first.

2. Click Refresh.

Detailed report

- Room number.
- Room type.
- Housekeeper's name of who has the room assigned to clean.

- Status of the room: checked-out, stay-over, or due out.
- Special Instructions are made of 2 lines: the first will show any instructions entered in Housekeeping > Room Assign > Maid Instructions; the second line will show the housekeeping comments from the reservation.
- Type of cleaning service required for the room: change or make.

- Number of adults and children staying or who last stayed in the room.
- Arrival date of the guest in-house or the last guest who stayed in the room if the box is checked to show arrival and departure on vacant rooms (see above).
- Departure date of the guest in-house or the last guest who stayed in the room if the box is checked to show arrival and departure on vacant rooms (see above).

- If a wake-up call is set for the room, it will be displayed here.
- If any extra has been added to the reservation, they will show here.
- The Early C/I time field is not yet activated.

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