Housekeeping Room Status Report (Cloud) 🎥

Housekeeping Room Status Report (Cloud) 🎥


The Room Status Report allows you to view what was or is assigned to a Maid within Housekeeping. The report can be generated for a past date or for the current audit date. 
Path: Housekeeping > Reports > Room Status.

Generate Report

1. Choose the date to generate the report for.

2. Click Refresh.

Detailed report

- Room number.
- Room type.

Name of the housekeeper the room is/was assigned to.
- Status of the reservation: checked out, stay over or due out. If the report is for a previous day, it will only show checked out or stay, if the guest is still in house at the current date.

- Type of cleaning service that was required for the room: change or make.
- Current cleaning status of the room. If the report is generated for a previous day, the current status will be the status of the room at the moment the report is generated.
- Secion where the room is located, if setup.

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