MOP Overview

MOP Overview

Introducing MOP! The housekeeping and maintenance software designed to streamline and automate routine tasks, fostering efficient teamwork for enhanced productivity. Accessible on both phones and laptops without requiring downloads or installations, MOP elevates hotel automation to new heights.

Core Functionality/Features-Benefits
Task-Centric Approach Efficiently manages tasks such as room assignments, work orders, and guest requests, encompassing routine responsibilities.
Seamless Team Collaboration Facilitates smoother communication among the hotel team by disseminating information through their devices. No more interruptions to room attendants' work to check for status updates on physical boards.
Full Digital Integration Eliminates the need for paper worksheets, work orders, and traditional storyboards, embracing a fully digital approach.
Task Timestamps Records the initiation and completion times of tasks, enabling in-depth time management analysis.
Comprehensive Reporting Delivers reports in both weekly and monthly formats, offering insights into assigned tasks and the time taken to accomplish them. Provides an overview of scheduled tasks and assesses if the team is maintaining the expected pace for task completion.
Elevated Guest Services Enhances guest experience by promptly addressing inquiries about room status and fulfilling special requests.
Asset Protection Enables scheduling of recurring tasks like guest room preventive maintenance, deep cleaning, and special projects (such as changing door lock batteries). These tasks automatically appear on their designated days, ensuring timely execution.

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      MOP offers a wide range of options accessible from the left-side menu, depending on the access privileges assigned to your role.