Night Audit Revenue Tax Summary Report (Cloud)

Night Audit Revenue Tax Summary Report (Cloud)

The Revenue Tax Summary report shows the total Revenue for one or multiple days (taxable and exempted) and the total taxes as well as the total exempted revenue.
Path: Accounting > Night Audit > Reprint Reports > Room and Tax.

Generate report

1. Choose "Revenue Tax Summary" in the Reports dropdown.

2. Choose to keep the current date or change for another date or date range.

3. Click Refresh.

Detailed report

- Date for which the numbers are reporting. If the report is for multiple days, each day will have its line.
- Total room revenue for the day.
- Total revenue taxes generated for the day by revenue tax code.

- Total exempted revenue by revenue tax code.

- Totals for the date or the date range.

- Totals of taxable revenue per tax per tax code.

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