Sales & Mktg Travel Agent Export (Cloud) 🎥

Sales & Mktg Travel Agent Export (Cloud) 🎥

This collection of data is provided for the Travel Agent/Agency. Examples of some available filters are as follows: IATA#, Zip Codes. The created list can be printed or exported to allow for possible label printing or email transmission.
Path: Sales and Marketing > Marketing > Travel Agent

1. The report can be filtered with 14 parameters that we can sort into 5 categories:
- By type of Travel Agent: by TA type (commissionable or not), IATA number, and member of a company list.
- By date: booking and/or arrival day.
- By provenance: zip code, state/province and/or country.
- By revenue: revenue or number of nights overall and/or year to date
- By contact information: if the profile has a fax number and/or an email.

2. Click Process

3. The screen report will show a limited number of information as followed:
- IATA #.
- (Travel) Agency Name, ID and Commission Type.
- Contact Name, Telephone, Fax and Email.
- City and State.

4. Click Print to print this result or click Export to get more data. See next.

5. Choose the Format you want for the data export: Comma Delimited (PeachTree), Tab Delimited or IIF (Quickbooks).
6. Enter a name for the file.
7. Click OK.

8. Choose if you want to merge the data by Travel Agent (Company) or have every reservations for every TA.

9. See the attached document for an example of the exported data. It will include the 26 following fields:
- IATA, Agency Name, Source Code, Travel Agent Type Description and Name.
- Contact Last and First Name, Address 1 and 2, City, State, Zip and Country.
- Telephone, Fax and Email.
- Travel Agent Type Code, Commission, Revenue, Nights, Total Revenue and Total Nights.
- Travel Agent Type, Incentive, Travel Agent Source Code ID, Arrival Date and Date Made.

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