Guest Texting Overview

Setup Guest Texting Options (Cloud)

The orignal setup of texts is explained step by step by the Visual Matrix Partner Experience team when activating the interface.
Path: Management > Interfaces > SMS Communication

1. Allow Guest Texting: this will enable the possibility for clients to respond to the welcome text and make some requests.

2. Opt-In Automatically: this option will opt-in automatically every online reservation into the guest texting option.

3. Send Employee Texts through Twilio: instead of sending internal messages (housekeeping, maintenance, management) by email (, they will be send through Twilio.

4. Enable Future Reservations: this option will disapear once used. It will opt-in every future reservation currently in Visual Matrix to the guest texting option.

Every following messages are only send if the guest is opted-in the guest texting option in their reservation. Messages can have up to 250 characters and can include any of the 6 dynamic codes available: Guest First Name, Guest Last Name, Reservation Confirmation Number, Room Number Assigned, Hotel Name and/or Guest Arrival Date.

5. Arrival Reminder: this text is send manually to every guest schedule to check-in on a specific date.

6. Welcome Text: is send automatically at check-in. At any time, starting now, the guest can unsubscribe and re-subscribe.

7. Room Ready: this text will send as soon as the allocated room condition changes to "Clean" or "Clean & Inspected" - select from the dropdown.
If a clean (or clean & inspected) room was already assigned before the day of arrival, the text will not send. The room will have to be unassigned and reassigned to the reservation to trigger the text.

8. Check Out Text: is send once the room is checked-out.

9. Guest Text Request Default Response: will send everytime a guest sends a request and no custom response has been setup.

10. Send Text When Guest Text Request is Filled: will send once the status of a request is updated to "Filled".

11. Default reply Text: will send if the guest tries to send a text either before check-in or after check-out, or is using an existing text from a previous stay to communicate with the property.

12. Once all choices have been made and setup, click Save.

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