The Top 10 Best Shortcuts for a Faster, Smarter, and Better Experience in Visual Matrix

The Top 10 Best Shortcuts for a Faster, Smarter, and Better Experience in Visual Matrix

Many tasks in Visual Matrix are faster than we think. Let's go over some tips:

Search in One Click

Use Search Today and the Dashboard.
Search for any reservation in-house or arriving today by phone number, room number or by name and access arrivals, departure, availability or rooms out of order directly in one click without navigating away from your current page or opening another window.

Reservations in 30 Seconds or Less

BookRes provides faster access to check availability, rates, and book a reservation step-by-step with all the necessary information, all in one screen. Using the VM ID Scanner makes the data entry even faster. Finally, Save or Check-in with the same click.

Check Outs in One Click

Check out all zero balanced folios at once and send an automatic email to the guests with Express Check Outs.

Manage No-Show in One Click

Charge no-shows in one click just before running your audit. This feature changes the status of the pending arrivals to no-show, post a fee and keep them open to reinstate after audit if the guest shows up late.

Text with your Guests

Send Arrival Reminders is one click, manage guest texting or enjoy automatic responses with the Guest Texting FeatureIn addition to arrival reminders, Guest Texting also sends welcome and thank you texts when the guest checks in or out. It will text the guest when a clean room has been assigned to their reservation that their room is ready for check-in, and allows the guest to text staff special requests during their stay. 

Receive Daily Statistics by Text

Receive your daily numbers by text and/or email every night after audit in one click. You can set a user to receive night audit text and/or email alerts of the day's totals.  

One Button Audit

Post room and tax, synch rates, and close the day with the One Button AuditNight audit couldn't be easier. With the One Button, Audit Visual Matrix automates the audit process for you while syncing rates and inventory with your online channel management. 

Automatic Yield Management

Let Visual Matrix update your rates automatically locally and online in real time with Revenue Management Live! Revenue Management Live! will protect you from a day selling out in advance before you have an opportunity to react, raise or lower rates based on your occupancy & booking window, close or open rates levels and even set a CTA (Close to Arrival) when necessary.

Multiple Ways for Support

Access Knowledge BaseChatVM Community or open a ticket with our Client Experience Team from our Support PageFor VM Cloud users, no need to open another page, a quick access is available in the software.

Optimum Security

Value a secure portal with an IP SecurityIP Security offers extra security in accessing Visual Matrix for your property. IP Security makes sure that no one outside of the hotel's network will be able to access your data, except if you give that user specific remote access capabilities.
Remote access is then given only to specific users.
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