VM University FAQ

VM University FAQ

For any other question, send an email to university@visualmatrix.com.

With Visual Matrix University being a new Training program, we do expect our users to have some questions about the transition between the two platform.
We compiled some of the main questions here, but feel free to contact us if you have others.

What email should I use to create my account?
VM University is not linked to your property but to you. Even if you leave the property, you might use Visual Matrix sometime in the future... who knows?
The best is to use a personal email and not an email link to your current work.

I just created my account but have yet to receive the confirmation email
Check your Spam folder and make sure your mark the sender as Secure for any further communication.

I received the confirmation email but do not see any link to confirm the account
This is likely due to a setting from your email account blocking pictures.

I need to confirm my account creation but my password seems to be wrong
If you password is already Invalid during the confirmation process, you cannot reset it - as your account is not officialy active.
We will need to delete your account for you to create a new one. Contact us at university@visualmatrix.com.

Can I use my login from the Learning Center or do I have to create a new account?
You will need to create a new account, this is very easy.

Is the university included in our subscription or is there a price to use it?
VM University is completely free. Create your account and enjoy as many courses as you want.

Will I have a Teacher role to monitor the progress of my staff's training within Visual Matrix University?
VM University does not have a Master account for the property. Every time a course is successfully completed, the user will have to download the certificate to show the completion to his manager.

Do my certificates from the Learning Center transfer to the Visual Matrix University?
Certificates do not transfer or credit towards course completion from the Learning Center to the Visual Matrix University. 
All courses that a user enrolls in will need to be completed to gain a Certificate within VM University.

Will I need an Enrollment Key to access courses within Visual Matrix University like it was with the Learning Center?
You will not need an enrollment key to access courses within VM University.

Will I be able to create one account for all employees to use?
Each employee that wishes to access courses within VM University will need to create their own individual accounts, each using a different and unique email to sign up.

Can we use the generic hotel email to create an account?
It is important for each employee to create their account with their own email. Like that, their account is not linked to the hotel they work for but to them and they can always get back to it at any time if they need to.

Will each employee be required to learn each department of Visual Matrix?
No, each user that enrolls will be able to select the departments or courses that are most relevant to their position at the hotel, though we do encourage employees to follow as many courses as possible
Users will also have access to bundle courses, which combine courses and lessons based on areas that are most relevant depending on the employees position within the hotel.

How does VM University track and recognize that I have completed a course?
VM University will require you to select Complete and Continue on each lesson within each course in order for progress to be recognized and properly tracked.

What is the minimum passing score grade to be able to complete the assessment quizzes at the end of each course?
Each assessment quiz will shuffle an assortment of questions related to the course topic. 10 questions will be presented to the user. A score of no less than 90% must be obtained to pass and gain completion of the course.

I want to stop receiving emails from VM University, because I do not use Visual Matrix anymore.
If you left the hotel and are not using VM anymore, send us an email at university@visualmatrix.com and we'll deactivate your account. You will not loose anything, if you get back working with Visual Matrix, we will reactivate your account and you will be able to complete whatever you started.

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