Checked out with Balance Folios (Cloud)

Checked out with Balance Folios (Cloud)

What is a Checked Out with Balance Folio?

This is when a folio has been checked out but still has a balance on it.
Visual Matrix will alert you when you attempt to:
- check out a folio if the balance is not at 0
- closeout of a checked-out folio after it's been adjusted or modified and the balance is not at 0 anymore

The following actions may lead to that situation:
- closing the browser window instead of logging out from Visual Matrix (cloud)
- end the Visual Matrix process from Task Manager (desktop)
- restart the computer completely (desktop)

What is the risk of those folios sitting there... and being purged?

Visual Matrix typically purges reservations and financial data after 3 to 5 years (7 years for financial data) based on settings. If a folio with a balance that was checked out gets purged, the balance is removed from the Guest Ledger. This can result in an error in the Daily Report balance that guests won't be able to retrieve or recover.

Where to find a list of those Checked-Out with Balance Folios?

Path: Front Office > Reports > Front Office > In-House Guests > Check the box "Include C/O w/Bal".
When generating the report with the specified box checked, it may take a bit longer to complete. After the report opens, navigate to the end of the report where you'll find a section titled "Checked Out Folios with Balances."
If this section is not present, it indicates that there are currently no such folios, but this doesn't necessarily mean there were none in the past. If there are folios listed in this section, it is strongly recommended to address them promptly. Go through each folio and clear any outstanding balances.

How to confirm that a Folio has been purged?

Whether you are on Cloud or Desktop, only our Support Technicians can do this search.
For Visual Matrix Desktop, they will need to get a backup older than last night's audit, sometimes a couple of months old. Making sure you are backing up correctly every night is very important.
In both cases, please open a ticket.
However, if this situation is confirmed, there will be nothing that can be done to correct the error balance as this is not an error or an issue from Visual Matrix itself. The balance will be back on track at the next audit.

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