Setup Data Purge (Cloud)

Setup Data Purge (Cloud)

Nightly, Visual Matrix automatically purges data that has exceeded a specified number of days or years. Once data is purged, it cannot be recovered. This section allows you to configure the duration for which sensitive data, such as credit cards, driver's licenses, reservations, and financial information, is retained before undergoing purging.
Path: Management > Property Settings > Parameters > Section "Sensitive Data Purge Settings" (top right)

Every night, Visual Matrix is purging data that have reached the number of days or years that are set up. Once data is purged, it cannot be restored.
If you decide that you want to keep all your data (not advised), put 0 in each field. By default, data is set up to purge regularly.

1. Enter the number of days or years each data should be kept:
- Credit Card numbers (in days): should be between 90 and 365 days.
- Driver's License ID number (in days): should be between 90 and 365 days.
- Reservations Data (in years): selection is between 3 and 5 years.
- Financial Data (in years): selection is between 3 and 7 years.
Enter or select 0 to never purge the data (not recommended).

2. Click the green floppy disk at the top right to save the page modification.

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