Setup a Warranty Item (Cloud) 🎥

Setup a Warranty Item (Cloud) 🎥


 Maintenance > Set Up > Warranty Items

1. Click on "New Warranty Item" to generate a new empty line at the top of the list.
2. Complete with all available information about the item:
- Code/Type of item.
- Date the item was purchased.
- Expiration date of the Warranty.
- Company it was purchased from or Brand.
- Contact of the Account Representative.
- Phone Number of the contact.
- Customer number.
- Invoice number of the purchase.
3. Click the green floppy disk to Save the new item.

I.e. If you buy 20 Sony TVs, this section will show in which room the tv's are and what are each serial number and their warranty conditions. It can also be used to document individual items (like a company laptop).

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