Room History Report (Cloud) 🎥

Room History Report (Cloud) 🎥

The Room History report provides a detailed overview of room postings, including room and tax charges, additional extras, early checkouts, and checked-in no-shows. It can be viewed for individual rooms or as an overall summary.
Path: Front Office > Supervisor > Reports > Room History.

Generate report

1. Narrow down the report using the optional available filters (from left to right):
- by arrival date: choose one date or a date range. Obviously, the end cannot be past the current audit date.
- by posting type: room and tax, no-show (checked-in), early check out, late check-in, extra, fixed fee, incidental, activities, or all.
- by room number or All.

2. Click Refresh.

Detailed report

- Date of the posting.
- Room number and folio on which the posting was made.
- Guest name.
- Number of adult(s) and children.

- Type of posting: room and tax, no-show (checked-in), early check out, late check-in, extra, fixed fee, incidental, activities, or all.
- Amount of the posting and status of the tax-exempt (Taxable, Exempt, Partial).
- If the charge comes from another folio, a "Y" will show.
- Folio number from which the charge is transferred.
- Group name if the room is part of a group.

- User ID of the agent/user who did the posting.
VM Confirmation number or CRS number for online reservations.

- Total Balance of postings for the posting type.

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