Hskpg Arrivals Report (Desktop) 🎥

Hskpg Arrivals Report (Desktop) 🎥

There are three differents Arrivals reports in Visual Matrix: Front Desk, Housekeeping and Sales and Marketing. Each having a specificity. The Housekeeping Arrival report includes Housekeeping Comments from the reservation, extras and loyalty membership.
Path: Housekeeping > Reports > Arrivals

Generate report

1. Narrow down the report using the optional available filters (from left to right):
- by date(s) for which the report will be generated for.
- by checking the box (or not) to include any arrival already completed. Otherwise, the report will only show any arrival left.

2. Click Refresh.

Detailed report

- Guest Name.
- Current status of the reservation: Hold, Gtd, In.
- Room number the guest will stay in or is staying in (if already checked-in).

- Comments entered in the housekeeping comment field in the reservation.
- Any extra added to the reservation.
- BWR membership number (for Best Western Hotels).
- VM Confirmation number or CRS number for Best Western Hotels.

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