Hskpg Time Allotment Analysis Report (Desktop) 🎥

Hskpg Time Allotment Analysis Report (Desktop) 🎥

The Housekeeping Time Allotment Analysis report displays how many minutes each housekeeper has been assigned to work for the date range selected based on the service settings defined within Time Allotment. 
To manage Cleaning Service Schedules see Setup Housekeeping Time Allotment.
Path: Housekeeping > Reports > Time Allotement Analysis

Generate report

1. Narrow down the report using the optional available filters (from left to right):
by date(s) for which the report will be generated for.
- by housekeeper: to narrow down the report by housekeeper or for all.

2. Click Refresh.

Detailed report

- Name of the Housekeeper.
- Number of "Make" rooms assigned for the period.
- Number of "Change" rooms assigned for the period.

- Total Time the housekeeper should have spend on each type of service (Make/Change) for the period based on the number of rooms assigned and the time allotment setup by room type.

- Total time divided by the number of rooms assigned for the time period per type of service. Except if the setup was updated in the meantime, the averages should match the Time Allotment setup.

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