Knowledge Base: How to Search, How is it Organized

Knowledge Base: How to Search, How is it Organized

Welcome to the Visual Matrix Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base is organized in different categories:
- For Cloud PMS Users: Explore the dashboard and every tab found within the cloud version of the Visual Matrix PMS through how-to articles and tutorial videos. Our mobile app and mini-POS included.
- For Desktop PMS Users: Explore a site map for quick reference as well as all the sections and functionality of our desktop version of the Visual Matrix PMS.
- For All MOP Users: Explore our Mobile Operating Platform, including an overview, glossary of terms, icons, logging in, using the app, and integration. Videos in Español also included.
- FAQs - PMS: Here you’ll find answers to frequently asked questions about both versions of our PMS – Desktop and Cloud.
- FAQs - MOP: Here you’ll find answers to frequently asked questions about MOP, our Mobile Operating Platform that integrates with any PMS, including Visual Matrix.
- FAQs - Best Western: These frequently asked questions and answers are reserved for our Best Western family of hoteliers.
- PMS First-Aid Kit: Save time with these quick fixes and do-it-yourself instructions for credit cards, email, ID scanners, and IT issues.
- Visual Matrix University: All you need to know to start using our online training site Empower U can be found here, including a helpful overview, course list, and FAQs.
- More About Visual Matrix: Read the latest news about our company, our partners, and available interfaces, as well as our growing support resources, including Chat and the VM Community.

How the articles are organized and sorted

The knowledge base articles are sorted by modified date. This means that any new articles or newly modified articles will always come first. But there are a lot of other articles, you may need to scroll down.
Gradually, the articles are organized by categories (1) and sub categories (2) and then the articles (3). Make sure you look at the bottom, there might be multiple pages (4).

The Best Way to Search for Information is the Search Tool

You will find a search field either on the main page of (1) or after clicking on the Knowledge Base (2).

How to use the Search Tool

Sometimes, we think that the more information we type, the more we narrow down the result but that's not always the case.
When there are a lot of articles, like within our knowledge base, you have to be careful with some generic words.
Below is an example where we are searching the word Accounting Code and then again with TF. Both are about an accounting code, but the second search is much more precise.

In the article

Each article is divided in 3 sections:
1- At the top, the path where the article is located in the Knowledge Base.
2- The article itself.
3- On the right, quicklinks to navigate in the different sections of the article itself, if any.

Our knowledge base is in constant improvement and updates to better answer any of your expectations! If you cannot find an article, let us know either through the Community or by email at

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