Set Up Market Segments (Desktop) 🎥

Set Up Market Segments (Desktop) 🎥

Market Segments will help you determine who are your guests: business men and women, individual tourists, corporate groups, tourist groups, government employees, etc.
Path: Sales & Marketing > Setup

1. The Market Segments setup is at the top right of the page.

2. Check the "Required" box if you want to force to choose a Market Segment at each new reservation.
3. If you do not check the "Required" box above, then choose a default market segment that will automatically fill in when saving the reservation.

4. Go to the last line to create a new market segment:
      - Enter a code for this new market.
      - Enter a description for this new market.
      - Enter a budget if you want to apply a percentage when you do your market segmentation to be compared to budgetary numbers. Usage will also allow you to take last year's figures and offset them by this budgetary percentage to reflect on a report as a comparative number.
      - Check the "Active" box.

Warning on deactivating or deleting a Market Segment.
If you do not use a segment, you may be tempted to deactivate it. Before doing so, make sure it is not in use in the 2way interface. If the code is deactivated while used or is missing in a setup, it will cause bookings not to be integrated into Visual Matrix.

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