Visual Matrix Community Forum

Visual Matrix Community Forum

The Community is currently only available in English.

The Community Forum with Visual Matrix is provided to our VM PMS and VM MOP community of subscribers. Members are provided a medium where questions can be asked, ideas and best practices can be shared and interactive discussion can take place.  Each user can expect a response to their question and/or idea from their peers or as appropriate from someone from the VM administration.

Who can use the Community Forum

Any user with an account login.
If you do not know how to create a user account, follow the link: Create a User Account in the Visual Matrix Customer Portal.

How to Access the Community Forum

Sign Up to Create an Account
After Sign Up - Select Community to Access

1. Filters:
All (see all postings)
- Discussion
- Announcement
- Question: Drop-down window allows for various responses such as Most Voted, Answer or Need More Info
- Ideas: Drop-down window allows for responses such as Working on It, Maybe Later, or Will or Will Not be Implemented 
- Un-replied Posts
Last but not least, is the link to add a New Topic. You need to be logged in to post a new Topic.

2. Postings
Feedback, questions, and comments from the Community. All postings will be placed in an Awaiting Moderation hold before being published. This protects the Community from inappropriate postings. 
There are two topics available:
- Empower U: anything about learning, training, Visual Matrix University.
- The Lobby: anything Hospitality, VM PMS or VM MOP related, or anything else you wish to share!

3. Content Key
The right panel shows the VM Community topics, followers, an option to follow, forums, announcements, and hot topics (most discussed).

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