Security Reminders and Best Practices

Security Reminders and Best Practices

Thank you for being a valued Visual Matrix customer!

At Visual Matrix, we value the security of every client hotel.  Here are some security reminders and best practices to keep in mind when working with our Client Experience team. These are also useful when receiving a call from someone claiming to be a Visual Matrix Support Product or Client Service Representative.

Each call or email will generate a ticket number
Every ticket generated will be visible within our support portal located at
For security purposes, we highly recommend that your hotel is registered for the user support portal using the email address each user gives when opening a ticket with our team.

Only one way to get connected

Our Client Experience team will only use one method to connect remotely to your hotel computer - Zoho Assist
The remote connection request will be delivered to the email address associated with your ticket and will be visible on the ticket inside the Visual Matrix support portal.
Our staff never uses TeamViewer or any other utility to facilitate remote support for your hotel.

No employee of Visual Matrix will ever ask for any sensitive information

Sensitive Information
We will never ask you for your password, a guest credit card number, or any other sensitive data.
Do not share this information with anyone over the phone - no matter what.
If you ever feel uncomfortable about a request made by a caller identifying as a Visual Matrix Product Support Technician, you can verify ask to verify the caller's identity before going forward:
- Ask for their name and the ticket number that they are calling about. Explain that you will hang up the phone and call back.
- Call our support department at 214-291-4000. Select option 1 for Support, and ask for the technician or give the answering representative the ticket number you were provided.
- Never use a telephone number other than a published Visual Matrix support number to connect with our Product Support Team.
You can also follow up on or view any ticket you opened or were opened/assigned to your property by opening an account on

If you suspect an unauthorized user has accessed your system
As soon as possible after a potential security issue, such as a scam caller contacting your hotel, you should contact your local police department and local IT provider.
Additionally, affected Best Western hotels should contact the Best Western Helpdesk for further instructions.

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