PMS Q&A Webinar August 24, 2023

PMS Q&A Webinar August 24, 2023

Listed below are the diverse questions that were posed during this Q&A webinar.

What is the impact of changing the future authorizations to 1day prior?
It's an individual decision. Clients will receive authorization one day prior to their arrival. The outcome of the authorization, whether successful or not, will only become apparent during the check-in process. The authorized amount can only be seen within In-House reports.

I had a ticket open for a batch that was not settled and I was told I had to void the transaction, the problem was it was done a day prior. Is there a way to acomplish this?
Yes. As long as the batch is not settled, a transaction can be voided, whenever it was posted.

What is the best way to process no shows?

How do I add No Show to my Fee Code? I do not have a No Show  code on there.
This is an example for this specific code:

We have the buttons for texting guests as well as wake-up calls... now if we do not have that part "set up" would employing Canary cover that aspect?
The specifications for the Canary interface will be available in the near future.

How do you balance an AR account with a positive balance?
This occurrence should not take place unless a folio has been modified subsequent to the printing of the city ledger invoice.
In such cases, a thorough review would be necessary on a case-by-case basis. If you come across this scenario, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us for further assistance.

We have 50% occupancy are stay over and we give service every other day, so is there any way we can print out House Keeping list showing that which needs service and which room does not need service. Pleaes guide me.
This configuration is exclusively applicable to weekly and monthly rates. In the case of daily rates, I recommend either not assigning rooms or utilizing housekeeping comments to communicate to the housekeeper whether a room requires cleaning or not.
A feature request has been submitted to our Product team.

Is it possible to change the default housekeeping labels from "HSK1" "HSK2" to the housekeepers real names?
A user information can be udpated from the security settings in Management:

Why does the exemption change each time you change the payment type? For example, if you set the payment to cash and click exempt.. them you switch to a credit card.
It should not. If this happens, please record the incident and open a ticket.

B folio incidental $100 authorization not released after check out, If use automated check out from A folio.
This issue has already been submitted, a correction is schedule to be released in the next week(s).

How can i check which version of VM do I have? I am on VM Cloud?
As a user of VM Cloud, you are automatically using the latest version. We update the Cloud approximately every two weeks.

The Expedia VC payment, rate private reservation can settings to block printing or emailing folio to guests?
You have the option within the Management Property Settings Forms to choose whether to print registration cards automatically during check-in and folios during check-out.
However, it's important to note that VM will not send out folios via email automatically. The only instance when it will be sent via email is through the "PrePrint Departing Folio" feature in the Front Office.