EmpowerU - VM University Overview

EmpowerU - VM University Overview

Welcome to EmpowerU, the Visual Matrix University.
To access, go to university.visualmatrix.com.
Visual Matrix University offers a lot of courses for VM Cloud, VM Desktop (coming soon), and MOP.
There are multiple types of courses, find more details HERE.

The Log In Page

Once on the login page, you will have multiple choices:
1- Access other Visual Matrix portals: Visual Matrix and MOP websites as well as their Knowledge Bases
2- Log in Visual Matrix University
3- Renew a lost or forgotten password
4- Create a new account

Create a New Account (4)

Complete each field:
- First and Last Name
- Property ID (Visual Matrix ID) or Site ID (for MOP users)
- Position at the Property
- Personal/Unique Email
- Password

A confirmation email will be sent to confirm the account creation.

Visual Matrix University - The Main Page

The page is divided in 3 sections:
- Shortcuts
- Presentation Video
- Features Courses or Bundles


- EmpowerU Logo and Home: comes back to the main page
- All Courses: click to access the full catalogue of courses
- My Enrollment: click to access the list of courses you have been enrolled in and to see the progression in each course
- Visual Matrix Website/Visual Matrix KB/MOB Website/MOP KB: external shortcuts
- User first and last name/user picture: click to access your profile and any certificate earned

Visual Matrix University - The Catalogue of Courses

In Visual Matrix University, courses are organized by department and color:
- Visual Matrix General: Green
- Front Office: Dark Blue
- Housekeeping: True Blue
- Maintenance: Yellow
- Accounting: Red
- Sales & Marketing: Light Blue
- Management: Navy Blue
- Point of Sale: Grey

You can search for a course by word search or by category like the department, VM Cloud, VM Desktop, VM MOP, Reports, Supervisor, etc.
You can also sort the courses alphabetically or by the date of creation.

Enroll in a Course

- Click on the Course
- Once on the course main page: click on "Access Course"
- Course Registration: the fields should be already completed. Click on "Enroll in course"
- Course Development: click on "Continue"
- Click on "Proceed to Course"

Complete the Course

Follow each lesson, page by page. Once a lesson is completed, click on "Complete and Continue" on the top right.
In the screenshot below, the course is made of 3 lessons, a recap and an assessment.
Each course ends with a recap and a 10-question assessment quiz, for which you need to score a minimum of 90% to successfully complete the course and receive the Certificate of Completion.
Questions within the assessment are shuffled and if the test is repeated, some questions may change.

Tutorial Video

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