Setup the Comp (complimentary) Code (Cloud)

Setup the Comp (complimentary) Code (Cloud)

This article refers to the Cloud version. For the Desktop version, click HERE.

When you want to comp a room, you will use the discount code Comp to have a 100% discount on the room revenue.

Setup the Comp Discount Code

Go to Management > Rates > Discounts > Setup > Add new discount code (1)

Code Setup

- Disc Code: COMP (you can choose another one if it suits you better)
- Description: Complementary Code/Free room/etc
- Disc Type: % (percentage)
- Disc %/Flat Amt: 100%
- Wk Day/Wk End: choose YES in both or at least one of them. If you want to block the code during the WK Day or WK End select No on the appropriate drop-down. 
- Tier Level: choose the level up to which the code will be able to be used. If you put 7, and if the current rate is on Tier 8, then you will not be able to use the code. We generally advise to put the highest Tier - Tier9
- Account Code: The reason to have a different accounting code from others discount codes (RD) is to have a specific code to value the amount of that code. If you do not have an accounting code then follow the step in the next section of this article.
- Post Sep: Do you wish the comp code to show as a separate line on the guest folio or just show "Room Charge $0"?
- Show Avail: choose Yes as the code will only be for local use
- Order: If you want the code to show in a specific order in the drop-down in Front Office.
- Rate Private: Yes if you want the rate of $0 to show on the Registration Card, and NO if you want to hide it.

Setup a Comp Accounting Code (if you do not already have one)

Go to Management > Accounting Settings > Setup Code
Below how the code should be setup:

Populate the Discount Code to the various Room Types and Seasons you will authorize its use to

Go to Management > Rates > Discounts
Highlight a season in the top left window, and a room type in the top right window.
Search for the Comp code in the bottom window and check the box in front of it. Do not forget to save the modification.
Repeat the process for every room type in every season you want to authorize the application of the Comp code to.

Apply the Code to a Reservation

If the code has been correctly set up, choose the code in the Discount Code list for the period to apply (weekday or weekend) and the Actual rate will change to $0.

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