Night Audit Credit Card Batch Report (Desktop) 🎥

Night Audit Credit Card Batch Report (Desktop) 🎥

The Credit Card Batch report will show all the credit card transactions posted for the given date and their status (settled or unsettled).
Path: Accounting > Night Audit > Reprint Reports > Credit Card Batch.

Generate report

1. Click Refresh to get the latest updated data.

Detailed report

Type of credit card.
Last 4 digits of the credit card.
Status of the settlement, if the transaction is settled or not. A batch can be settled with some unsettled transactions.
Accounting code of the credit card type in Visual Matrix.
Room number on which the transaction was posted.
Confirmation number of the folio on which the transaction was posted.
Name of the guest on the reservation.

Authorization number given by the gateway for the transaction.
Batch number.
Amount of the transaction posted.
Amount of the credit transaction posted.
VM transaction ID number.
If voided, the amount of the transaction voided.
In the case of a transfer of charge, this field will show the origin of the transaction.

Login of the user who posted the transaction or did the void/adjustment.
Time the transaction was posted. The format is hotel time.

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