Night Audit Pre-Audit CheckList - Pre Room & Tax Report (Desktop) 🎥

Night Audit Pre-Audit CheckList - Pre Room & Tax Report (Desktop) 🎥

The Pre Room & Tax report shows the Room Charge revenue that will be posted on each room during the night audit.
Path: Accounting > Night Audit > Night Audit.

1. Click View in the middle.

2. Click Print if the information is correct and you need to keep a copy.

3. The report will show every room to be charged during the night audit:
- room number.- room rate that will be posted.- tax amount to be posted.
- folio on which the charge will be posted.- package fee that will be posted if any.- total balance schedule to be posted.
- guest's name.- extra fee that will be posted.- method of payment that is set up in the reservation.
- arrival date.- fixed fee that will be posted.
- departure date.- scheduled incidental amount set up to post.

Double-click anywhere on the line to open the reservation to make an update/correction. Once done, get back to the pre-audit checklist by going back to Accounting > Night Audit > Run Audit.

4. Click Close from the reservation to get back to the pre-audit report.

5. If you had any modification done, and need to keep a copy, click on Print.

6. Click Close to go back to the pre-audit checklist.

7. The status of this report is now changed to Completed.