Night Audit Pre-Audit CheckList - Two Way Error Log (Best Western) (Desktop)

Night Audit Pre-Audit CheckList - Two Way Error Log (Best Western) (Desktop)

This report is part of the night audit pre-audit checklist but is not a report that needs to be reviewed in the pre-audit checklist reports. The Two Way Error Log report shows any errors that happened during the day between Visual Matrix and Member Web. This report is informative and is used by our team in the case of any 2way issues reported.
Path: Accounting > Night Audit > Night Audit.

1. Click View in the middle if you wish to view the report.

2. Check the "Client Log File" box to see all 2way communication that happened that day instead of giving the various errors.

3. Those are all outgoing or incoming messages between Visual Matrix and MW that generated either a warning or an error.

4. Click on an error message, this section will display the detail of the XML file or the log file (if "Client Log File" box is checked).

5. Click Print to keep a copy.

6. Click Reload to update the report.

7. You will have the choice between three reports:
- Selected XML file: if you have chosen a specific file to print.
- CRS Error Only Log: will print errors only.
- CRS Error/Warning Log: all errors and warnings.