Setup Weekly/Monthly Service Schedule (Cloud) 🎥

Setup Weekly/Monthly Service Schedule (Cloud) 🎥

The Weekly/Monthly Service Schedule provides the option to define a 7-day service schedule for guests whose reservations are set as Weekly or Monthly rate types. The options to select for each day are either Change, Make, or No Service. This will only apply to reservation with a weekly and monthly rate... any reservation with a daily rate will respect the Daily Service Schedule.
The Weekly/Monthly Service Schedule feature allows you to create a 7-day service schedule specifically for guests with reservations set as Weekly or Monthly rate types. For each day, you can choose from three service options: Change, Make, or No Service. It's important to note that this schedule applies exclusively to reservations with weekly and monthly rates, while reservations with daily rates will adhere to the Daily Service Schedule.

Path: Housekeeping > Setup > Time Allotment

1. Go to the "Weekly/Monthly Service Schedule" section and choose when will the room be Make, Change or no Service during a 7 days period (a week).

2. Click the green floopy disk to Save.

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