EmpowerU Live

EmpowerU Live

The VM University is currently only available in English.

Visual Matrix offers multiple types of free training and knowledge access that is included in your plan: Visual Matrix UniversityKnowledge Base and VM Community. We even have a New Hotel Employee Onboarding Guide to make Visual Matrix easy to learn and use. We encourage everyone to use these free tools as your primary training method.

However, we know that some managers prefer individual or live training, or need advanced training assistance. For that reason, the Visual Matrix Knowledge Management Department has an open calendar where you can schedule one-on-one or group training class.
Training classes are available for a fee and a property can book as many classes as they like.
Those trainings are virtual. Onsite training is not available.

What can you ask for training on? 

Any subject regarding VM Cloud or VM Desktop and it's functionality. This training is where you get to ask questions about how the software works, reports, best work-flow tips, or to gather information to best guide you in using Visual Matrix. 
Your scheduled training will not be used to go over encountered technical issues. For those question, please open a ticket with the Client Experience Team at help.visualmatrix.com.

How long can you book a training session for?

The first step is to submit a request for a 15 minutes assessment call with the Knowledge Management Department during which we will study your training need/request and evaluate the time needed for your session.
Some categories or subjects require more time to properly go over and teach, and we want you to come away armed with the best foundation of knowledge as possible. The number of attendees will also impact the time needed to cover a topic.
The minimum will always be one hour.

What is the cost?

The cost is $100/hour.

How do you pay?

The scheduled training will be pre-paid, and arrangements for any training time ordered will be provided after the initial 15-minute training assessment call. If additional hours are needed, those will be arranged and scheduled once the initial training class is completed.

Cancellation Policy?

Because each training will require work of preparation in addition of the training itself, there is a 48h cancellation policy.
However, you can always reschedule any prepaid training as needed.

Click here to schedule an assessment call

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