Reservation (Res) by Operator Report (Desktop) 🎥

Reservation (Res) by Operator Report (Desktop) 🎥

The Res by Operator report allows you to see who has booked, modified, or canceled for your hotel as well as who's booked packages.
The end of the report displays an Operator Summary that will show how many new reservations, cancelations, walk-ins, overrides, the employee's override difference (meaning did they up-sell or down-sell rates), as well as the revenue that the employee has generated based on the data within the report. 
Path: Front Office > Supervisor > Reports > Res by Operator.

Generate report

1. Narrow down the report using the optional available filters (from left to right):
- by arrival date or arrival range.
- by made time - when the reservation was created.
- by status of the reservation: cancelled, guaranteed, on hold or walk-in.
- by the name of the oprator/user/agent who made the booking.
- check the "Package Only" box if you are looking only for reservation with packages.

2. Click Refresh.

Detailed report

- Guest Name.
- Status of the reservation.
- Arrival date.
- Number of nights.

- If a Company is on the reservation.
- Creation date of the reservation.
- Room type of the reservation.

- Base or tier applicable rate.
- Discount code if any applied.
- Override rate.
- Package code if any applied.

- If the reservation is part of a group, group ID will display here.
- User ID of the agent who created the booking. (Admin means that the reservation was made online and came through the Channel Manager)
- VM Confirmation number or CRS number for online reservations (Best Western only).

The Operator Summary displays the total of reservations created by user and for all users:
- by reservation status: new, cancelled, or walk-ins.
- by number of nights totals.
- by the amount of overrides applied.
- by the number of overrides applied.
- by total revenue booked.

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