Night Audit Pre-Audit CheckList and One Button Audit (Cloud) 🎥

Night Audit Pre-Audit CheckList and One Button Audit (Cloud) 🎥


To make sure that the day closes without any gaps, the night audit in Visual Matrix goes through a unique checklist to ensure all information that will become part of the daily report is accurate.
After making sure all the arrivals are checked in and all departures are checked out, there are 3 main reports to confirm. Those reports won't be found once the audit is run. Until then, there is still time to correct a room rate, a wrong posting, or even post an adjustment.
Each step needs to have its "Status Completed" to be able to use the "1 Button Audit". Dues outs and No Shows will automatically change to completed once all check-ins and check-outs are completed. every other reports (just) need to be viewed. If all the steps are not completed and you click the one-button audit, a warning will popup informing you that the audit cannot be run until all steps are completed.
Path: Accounting > Night Audit > Run Audit.

1. Validate each report. Click on each report title to get to their dedicated article.
Due-outsIf the status is not completed, some rooms still needs to be checked out.
No Shows: If the status is not completed, some arrivals are still pending.
Pre-Room & Tax ReportViewing this report prior to running the audit provides time to adjust an incorrect rate if needed.
Operator Cash OutThis report shows all the payments posted during the day by each user.
Operator TransactionsThis report shows all the transactions that were posted during the day by each user.
Two Way Error Log (Best Western Hotels)This report does not have a status to be completed. It is only there for information.

2. Click 1 Button Audit.

3. A popup will confirm the night audit has been requested.

4. Follow the progress of the night audit while it displays each step and its completion.

5. A new popup will confirm the completion.

6. Click OK.

7. The page will change to the Reprint Reports section

The duration of the audit will vary on your activity and the size of your hotel. As long as you can see the progress bars, the audit is running. If after 30 minutes your audit is still running, contact our Client Experience team.