Night Audit Transaction Log Report (Cloud) 🎥

Night Audit Transaction Log Report (Cloud) 🎥

The (Daily) Transaction Log report shows all accounting codes posted for the given date or date range.
Path: Accounting > Night Audit > Reprint Reports > Transactions Log.

Generate report

1. Narrow down the report using the optional available filters (from left to right):
- by accounting code.
- by date or date range.
- by excluding details (before and after tax), or to get the amounts tax inclusive.
- by displaying only adjustments and voids.
- by choosing to only generate a summary of the totals, code by code.
- by sorting the transaction by the room numbers instead of posting time.

2. Click Refresh.

Detailed report

- Accounting code posted and its name. If the report is generated for a date range, the name will be replaced by the date the code was posted.
- Room number or House Account the code was posted to. If a MOP shows (like in the example above), then it is a Group folio and the MOP is the method of payment that is set up for the group.
- VM transaction ID number.

- VM Reservation number or Group number. If the reservation has a CRS number, this is the number that will show.
- Name of the guest, group, or house account.
- Reference field from the folio posting:
      - if it is for a group, it will show the room from which the transaction comes;
      - if it is a payment, it will show the last 4 digits and the auth code;
      - if it is a void or adjusted transaction, it will show the reason for the void or the adjustment.

- Amount originally posted. Each code will also show the total.
- Amount adjusted.
- VM Transaction ID number of the transaction voided or adjusted.
- Date of the void or adjustment.
- Will only show an X if the transaction has been voided.
In the case of a transfer of charge, this field will show the origin of the transaction.

- Login of the user who posted the transaction or did the void/adjustment.
- Time the transaction was posted. The format is hotel time.

- Total per accounting code.

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