Front Office Arrivals Report (Desktop) 🎥

Front Office Arrivals Report (Desktop) 🎥

The Arrival report shows every arrival for the day, individuals as well as groups.
Path: Front Office > Reports > Arrivals.

Generate report

1. Narrow down the report using the optional available filters:
- by date or period.
- by including or excluding groups, by selecting one group or for All groups.
- by including already checked in rooms, which will show not only the remaining arrivals but all arrivals for the selected period.
- by excluding the rates from the report.
- by excluding any comments from the CRS.
- by choosing to show only Reservations made through your Channel Manager.
- by excluding any pre-registered Notes (BW properties only).
- by choosing to show only pre-registered reservations (BW properties only).

2. Click Refresh.

Detailed report - Individual arrival list

- Guest name and confirmation number of the reservat 
- Status of the reservation (HLD, GTD).
- Arrival and departure dates.
- Number of adults and children on the reservation.
- Room type booked.

- Room rate.
- Package code if a package is added to the reservation.
- Method of payment.
- Amount of any advance deposit posted.

- If the room has multiple folios and room charges are shared with on other folio, it will show Y in the Share column.
- Room number and folio allocated to this reservation. As shawn below, if multiple folio are already created, each one will generate a separate line.

- Total arrivals left.

Detailed report - Groups arrival list

- Group name.
- Group event name.
- Status of the reservation (HLD, GTD).

- Arrival and departure dates.
- Total of adults and children in the group.

- Total number of rooms allocated in the group.
- Total of rooms not picked up from the group allocation.
- Any comments from the reservation.

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